Choosing a Perfect Value for Your Custom Show Outfit

Pricing a Quality Custom Show Outfit

So you are in need of a new show outfit, and definitely need the most value for your budget.  Where do you begin?
We all know our favorite steed eats a lot of green, so saving every penny where possible is key.  But, there is this factor of creating the perfect, unique look that signifies quality and stands out amongst the others in the ring to give you that top notch appearance and highlight the professionalism of your team.
Many people strive to find just the right fit, the right color, the perfect style, shopping endlessly online or asking around for who may be selling a used outfit or checking through the vendor booths at shows to see if they can find that perfect set.
No doubt, there are great deals to be found out there, and for some, shopping ready-mades or used outfits works well.  However, there are many who find that for them, ready-made outfits still seem to need some sort of alteration or repair to really give them that quality look they are wanting to have.
This is where shopping for a custom-made outfit begins, so if you are reading this, I am so glad you are here.  I'd love to designs for you, to give you that desired outfit you are needing.
We are each unique in our own styling and taste of design, and well, this is probably my favorite part about designing custom show clothing.  Not only do I meet a lot of wonderful friends, but I have the fun of helping them bring their desired style to reality and create a quality look that sets them apart from the crowd to really define their teamwork.
To me, each piece is like a work of art that takes thought and consideration for the functionality and fit that will serve well, and I do not take lightly the faith put in me to do my work and provide the quality needed. 
So the question arises, how much should be budgeted for the desired show outfit you are needing?  I'm going to do my best to offer a guideline for you to use, while shopping for a custom outfit, be that hiring my skills or that of another.  There are several people in this industry who offer amazing quality and style in their show designs.  I have much respect for their talent.  I do hear people discuss pricing of show clothing as a sore subject at times, and well, given the fact of knowing how much thoughtfulness, prep-work, time process and pricing of materials go into bringing a design from idea to ready-to-wear completion, I do have much appreciation for the pricing others place on their work.
When you are buying a show outfit, you are not simply buying a shirt.  You are buying for the win, that perfect look that fits well and creates a clean, crisp appearance in the ring. 
You are also buying a piece of art that if planned perfectly, it ages well and the value of your budget remains as you share it seasons later with another gal who fits your style.  This is great to be thinking of in regards to youth outfits especially, as they do grow quickly and value can add up pretty fast should they suddenly grow and can no longer wear that outfit you purchased.  Fortunately, I do typically leave plenty of room in the seams, hem, and sleeve length to provide my clients the option for growth.  I also love sharing with new clients that I do not charge for simple alterations they need for designs I have created, should they grow or change during the season.
Below you will find estimates of my pricing, with a few pictures to give basic ideas for planning your look. 
Once you are ready to begin your new custom, current measurements will be needed.  I am happy to assist you virtually or in person as possible with taking your measurements.  An online measurement form is available through my site as well. I typically request a 50% deposit of your budget up front, with the remaining balance due once completed.  After your deposit has been received, I send several sketches of designs for you to choose from, along with a color sampling.  Construction does not begin on your garment until you absolutely LOVE the idea planned for you.
I always say, you simply HAVE to love what you are wearing.  It truly makes all the difference in the world about how you feel when you enter the ring.  Completely, wholeheartedly be yourself and be confident in your style.
If you have specific questions regarding a custom, I am simply one phone call, or message away.  Let's create the perfect, comfortable look for you!

Planning Your Show Style

Factors to Consider

  • Fringe or no Fringe
  • How Detailed the Stonework for the Fringe or None
  • Scrolled Looks vs Straight Lines
  • Quality of Materials Used
  • Body Type
  • Amount and Quality of Stonework
  • Amount of Coverage for the Overall Design
  • Concho Looks or Detailing which Requires Hand Tooling
  • Custom Pattern Designs, vs Basic Shirt Styles
  • Looks Preferred, Such as Geometric, Floral, or Edgy, Leather Looks, Lace Looks or Simply Stonework Only
  • Other Factors
When ordering a custom, there are many variables to consider.
Time of construction and cost of materials range depending on choices made, so I always recommend letting your designer know upfront what the budget you would prefer your show outfit to stay within will be.  It is the easiest and quickest way to guide you through the preference questions and help you make the best decision for your style.  Your designer truly wants to offer you style options that will work best for you.
If you are trying to price for a tighter budget, you may want to choose a design that features straight lines rather than small scrolled leather looks.  Bold straight lines are quicker to design and sew than several small pieces or circular cut outs.  If you prefer looks that feature circular scrolled designs, you might want to choose looks that have a concentrated amount of detail in key highlight areas, rather than cover the base of the entire outfit.  This way you can concentrate heavier stonework to those areas as well, rather than trying to space the stonework lightly on leatherwork that spreads across the base of the entire outfit.
Adding fringe to the outfit?  Will you be choosing real leather or ultra suede for the look?  Real leather certainly provides quality, however, ultra suede is less expensive and maintains well.  Do you prefer stonework on the fringe or no?  If so, would you like stonework to fully cover the fringe or simply accent the fringe tips?
Would you like conchos hand tooled into key areas of your outfit, or custom spikes?  Do you love the look of several hand-sewn, large crystals?  Do you need the outfit to have a fully concentrated, heavily stoned look, meaning stonework and design cover the entire jacket?
Does your body type need more or less coverage?  Sometimes people think that smaller can be less expensive, and while fuller designs can require more stonework to provide the same look, it isn't necessarily true to assume say, that a youth jacket should be half the cost etc simply because it is smaller.  Each custom requires the same amount of time for sketching and pattern layout, done specifically for your body type, sourcing of materials, construction time and and fitting.  So for example, one could choose an adult vest set designed with straight lines along with a simplistic coordinating shirt featuring stonework on the collar and cuffs, while concentrating the same amount of stonework used for a youth showmanship featuring detailed scrollwork.  Their budget could ultimately be the same based on design style, and concentration of pattern placement for their design.
To look at two jackets on a rack and wonder why they may be priced similar or different, can be quite confusing.
It truly comes down to the time needed to construct each design, and the quality and concentration of materials.
Each design is unique, each budget as well.  As a mom of two girls who grew up with the love of showing horses, I completely understand the need for finding the most value in each purchase.  I certainly will strive to provide you with the same in your new custom design.  I am always happy to answer any questions you have about show outfits, whether it is in regards to a custom, or just a question you have in general.  I am easy to reach through my site, or via phone call, text or facebook.  Let's design that perfect look you need!

2021 Pricing Guide

  • Custom Day Shirt - Basic, No Detailing:  $250
  • Custom Day Shirt - Simple Detailing:  $500+
  • Custom Day Shirt - Medium Detailing: $750-1200+
  • Custom Day Shirt - Heavy Detailing:  $1500+
  • Custom Showmanship Jacket or Horsemanship Top - Simple Detailing:  $1500+
  • Custom Showmanship Jacket or Horsemanship Top - Medium Detailing: $2500+
  • Custom Showmanship Jacket or Horsemanship Top - Heavy Detailing:  $4000+
  • Custom Vest - Simple Detailing:  $1000-1500+
  • Custom Vest - Medium Detailing:  $2000+
  • Custom Vest - Heavy Detailing:  $3000+
  • Custom Show Pants:  $85

Custom Scrolled Horsemanship - Medium Detailing

Custom Unique Showmanship with Delicate Fabrics - Slightly Heavy

Custom Scrolled Showmanship - Medium Detailing


Custom Bolero Vest - Medium Detailing

Custom Straight-lined Horsemanship - Simplistic Detailing

Custom Youth Bolero Vest - Priced Medium


Custom Fringe Vest - Heavy Detailing

Custom Day Shirt - Medium Detailing

Custom Showmanship - Heavy Detailing

Custom Day Shirt - Heavy Detailing


Custom Straight-lined Showmanship - Simplistic Detailing

Custom Leather Scrolled Lead Line Vest - Simplistic Range